Interior design made simple

Interior design can often feel like an insurmountable challenge, but if you love Neptune’s timeless, cool interiors ranges, then Neptune by Treehouse at Midmar may have the perfect solution.

They’re delighted to be launching a new home design service. It’s an easy, less overwhelming way to bring the best in interior design into your home, without drowning in thousands of choices. You’ll have the timeless Neptune look, but with room to make it your own.

It all begins with some one-on-one time with our interior designer Lucy Fowlie to discuss your ideas, wishes and wants. Lucy will take you through the collections, explain how the design service works and answer any early questions you might have. If you have a budget in mind, just let Lucy know so we can bear that in mind from the word go.

If you want to go ahead, we’ll then come to your home to have an in-depth design session lasting several hours. Together, we’ll go over colour palettes, samples, textiles and layouts, and take measurements. When we head on our way, we’ll have a crystal-clear picture of what works for you, what you love and how you want your room to look.

When your designs are ready we’ll invite you back into the store, where we’ll present your room design to you and make any final changes. You’ll have a mood board, sample board, detailed quote and to-scale AUTOCAD line drawing at the end of it to help you see your new room coming into shape.

If you’re happy, we can place the order and get the wheels in motion. Alternatively, you can take your mood
board home to mull things over, then come back to us when you’re ready. After your design fee, you don’t need to pay anything until your design presentation.

The whole service – from concepts to the home visit and final room design – costs just £300. If you decide to do extra rooms as part of the same project, they’ll cost just £200 each. As a bonus, if you spend over £5,000 per room on our Neptune collections, we’ll refund your design fee in the form of gift vouchers so you can pop back for some extra accessories that you’ve got your eye on or to keep safe for a future project.

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