Get comfortable in your skin

There are three approaches to male skin care. Ignoring your skin is acceptable if you’re the skipper on a 1930’s trawler, but not for the modern man of today. You could swipe your partner’s products but this inevitably leads to domestic disharmony. Which leaves you buying your own. Doing so can feel bewildering, but the assistants are always happy to help. Similarly, many beauty salons offer specialised facials for men and can provide guidance on the products that will best suit your skin. Small specialist brands can also have a big positive impact on male skin, so here are a few products from boutique brands that merit a place in your skincare regime…

Eyeko Eye Boost Serum

As well as a soothing effect from the cold rounded metal tip, you can flip a switch on the tube and it gently massages the serum in to under eye area, providing better absorption and helping revive and hydrate eyes. It’s perfect for anyone who spends long hours in front of a computer. It’s turbo-charged with caffeine, Vitamin B5, red algae and hyaluronic acid. £40

Grounded Fountain of Youth Serum

As a product name, it makes a big promise, but this powerful serum contains hyaluronic acid, marine collagen and elastin, amino acids and blue algae which has the effect of banishing blemishes, toning the skin, restoring radiance and helping reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes with regular use.

Green Stem CBD Hand Cream

Hands are often overlooked, but they show our age faster than other parts of our bodies because they take such rough treatment. This soothing cream helps hands heal, softening rough, dry skin. The CBD is said to be anti-inflammatory and the scent of sandalwood, lavender and jasmine make it idea for use last thing at night, as the gentle, acceptably masculine, scent aids sleep. £20.

Bluebeard’s Revenge Beard Grooming Kits

With facial hair being increasingly popular, it’s important to take good care of your beard, which needs as much care as the hair on your head if you’re to avoid looking like a member of the chorus of a gloomy Russian play. The Bluebeards Revenge Beard Grooming Kit consists of a pocket-friendly travel beard brush that allows for maintenance on the move and a sweet smelling, manly beard oil that leaves facial fuzz smelling and looking good. £23.99.

Magnitone SuperNaturals Pure Sonic Cleansing Starter Kit

If pores and skin breakouts are a problem, then Magnitone’s gentle soft-touch silicone cleansing brush and SuperNaturals Breakout Knockout Cleanser and Anti-Pollution Moisturiser should be your go-to solution to combat excess skin oils, blocked pores and uneven skin tone, clearing the way for brighter, softer and healthier-looking skin. The cleanser mixes the purifying power of activated charcoal with astringent wasabi and antiseptic tea tree extract, while the moisturiser contains healing magnesium and zinc. £60.00.

Opatra Instant Wrinkle Eliminator

Opatra’s Instant Wrinkle Eliminator is definitely one of the big guns. It’s one of very few products which offer a realistic alternative to using Botox and fillers for wrinkles. At £349, you’re going to have to hide it from your partner, but the 20ml serum dispenser contains up to 160 eye treatments. It works by forming an invisible flexible layer on the skin which gently pulls wrinkled, sagging skin to the surface. Fine lines and wrinkles, eye puffiness and bags are all instantly reduced, meaning you’ll look instantly younger.

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