Lockdown your summer style

One of the more unexpected benefits that lockdown has offered is that we have been spared the temptation to blindly follow the catwalk trends that should have been shaping the stylish male wardrobe
this summer.

In truth, there are few chaps with the requisite rock hard abs and unshakable confidence that would allow the wearing of this year’s key summer trend of matching flamboyantly patterned tailored shorts and shirts. This look comes in everything from velvets to silks, but always in light and vibrant shades. In some cases, the shirt is worn open, over a t-shirt, while other designers went for long sleeved shirts that are buttoned to the neck. This ensemble is generally finished with long white socks and white trainers, creating a look that, unless you are young and slim, will severely test the bladder control of your nearest and dearest.

A more achievable version might be slouching about in cargo shorts, a t-shirt and a short sleeved shirt in a plain dark combination based around navy, khaki or grey. Alternatively, go for the brightly patterned shirt and pair it with a toning t-shirt but wear long trousers because you’re a grown up.

You could go for double denim, another key trend this summer. Steer away from any thoughts of Justin Timberlake’s denim suit and cowboy hat faux pas, or taking Jeremy Clarkson as your fashion muse. A more relaxed take on double denim featured on the catwalks at Loewe, Versace and Louis Vuitton, all of whom aim for a younger, edgier urban clientele. It’s more Shoreditch than Chelsea. Again, this trend is all about matching, so whether you go for a denim shirt or a fitted jeans jacket, it should match your jeans. Break it up with a toning or contrasting t-shirt, perhaps taking your inspiration from some of the wilder patterns available. A dark indigo or black can be easier to pull off than eighties inspired acid-washed or bleached looks.

Lastly, if you want your suiting to be bang up to date, pinstripes are on trend. No longer the province of bankers, businessmen and bookies, the new pinstripe has a more contemporary and summery feel and a easier cut that’s more forgiving if you’ve put on a few pounds lately.

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