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Part two of our guide to the best local food retailers covers fish, destination shops, farmers markets and world flavours. Bon Appétit!

Freshest Fish

Amity Fish 
Amity Fish offer fresh and frozen fish deliveries sourced by Jimmy Buchan’s team. As you’d expect, they’re strong on seafood, with prawns, langoustines and crabs available alongside luxury options like turbot or monkfish. Find
out more at 

Nicol Fishmongers 
Nicol Fishmongers have been on Rosemount Place for decades. They don’t really do social media and they close from 12.45 to 2pm each day, so it’s best to call ahead on 01224 636635 if you’re looking for something specific. 

Delish Fish 
Also in Rosemount, Delish Fish have opened a new shop at the top of Esslemont Avenue. You’ll always find something interesting on the slab, like smoked haddock and tattie pies or fish-based ready meals as well as an extensive selection of fresh and smoked fish. Check out what’s new at

Countesswells Fish Shop 

Countesswells fish shop is, unsurprisingly, at the top of Countesswells Road. They generally have a top quality selection of whatever their buyer liked best on their early morning forays to Peterhead’s fish market. It’s worth keeping an eye on their Facebook page to find out what’s in store and discover specials like live lobster or crab. Find it at Facebook: Countesswells-fish-shop

Jack Taylor 
Bucksburn’s Jack Taylor is another small fishmonger with a great heritage and a modern outlook. They buy daily from Peterhead and Fraserburgh and have a commitment to sustainability that runs through the entire business. Their Fraserburgh factory even has solar panels. 

Jack Taylor offers a huge range of fresh seafood including cod, haddock, oysters and scallops as well as a vast array of more exotic and rare species.
You can order online for collection at 

Sutherlands of Portsoy
Sutherlands of Portsoy are best known for their excellent smoked salmon, which is now delivered to appreciative foodies all over the world. The methods have been in the family for over a century. If you’re not popping up to Portsoy, you can order online at, where they offer an extensive selection of smoked fish, seafood and white fish. 

The Creel Fishmongers
Stonehaven offers several possibilities for fresh fish and seafood. The Creel fishmongers is located on Barclay Street and sometimes has additional foodie treats like local duck eggs and samphire, while you’ll find the Seafood Bothy down on the harbour side. As well as ready to eat offerings, they offer seafood direct from their boat. You can check what’s just been landed and opening hours at Facebook: seafoodbothy

Blue Flag Seafoods
Blue Flag is located on Torry’s Stell Road. They’re great for speciality seafoods, so this is the place to go if you need sashimi quality tuna, monkfish cheeks or a live lobster. They also offer pensioners a 10% discount on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Check their facebook page
for the freshest offers at Facebook: blueflagseafoods

Destination Shops

Sometimes you just fancy a trip out of town, so a destination shop, which combines the chance to pick up some luxury or artisan products, combined with garden supplies, clothing, homewares, art or antiques is ideal. Here are our favourites. Most are easily accessed from the A96, so you can make a day trip of it.

Kellochbank combines an excellent café with work from local artists, a garden centre, gifts, clothing and great home accessories. It’s perfect if you’re shopping for gifts, though you’ll probably end up with a treat or two for yourself. The food hall brings together the best of Scottish artisan produce as well as specialist wines and spirits. You’ll find Kellochbank about ten miles beyond Inverurie on the A96. Check it out at

Morgon Mcveigh’s
Morgan McVeigh’s lies between Inverurie and Huntly on the A96. It’s an independent, family owned casual dining restaurant, gift and small food hall. It also has one of the largest selection of ladies’ fashions in the shire. Find out more at

Brodie Countryfare
You’ll find Brodie Countryfare just off the A96 not far beyond Forres. As well as a superb food hall, filled with local delicacies and world foods, they offer some great home accents, cookware and clothing for the whole family. Discover more at

Logie Steading
Logie Steading lies six miles south of Forres and is home to artisan makers and retailers as well as the acclaimed Olive Tree Cafe. It’s a delight to browse the book and antique shops, woodworking studios, art gallery and farm shop. The gardens, playpark, heritage centre and charming riverside
walks make it a great choice for the whole family.

Deskford Garden Galleries
Deskford Garden Galleries isn’t far from Cullen and it’s perfect for lovers of all things vintage. The three acre gardens are dotted with little cottages and outbuildings that now house antiques, collectables, art, gifts and vintage fashion. The Willows Tea Room offers a great menu, but do make sure you leave room for cake. Check it out at

Farmers markets

The North-east’s farmers markets are a great way to buy specialist ingredients directly from the producers. Most have stalls selling locally landed fish, home-cured bacon and sausages, artisan cheeses and a mouth-watering array of breads and baked products. Some also have local breweries, cider and liqueur producers, fudge makers, tea importers, organic veg sellers, plant nurseries and a host of other micro-businesses. 

Most run on Saturdays, with a regular schedule. You’ll find markets in Stonehaven, Peterhead, Westhill and Huntly on the first Saturday of each month, Inverurie and Aboyne on the second Saturday, Banchory on the third, Ballater and Ellon on the forth and Macduff on the last Saturday of the month. 

Some markets have yet to reopen, including the city’s Belmont Street Market and the Torphins Market, which was held at Platform 22 from 10-2 on Wednesdays. 

Affa Fine
Affa Fine also offer markets in the Events Field at Milton of Crathes which combine food, crafts and a car boot sale. You can check the schedule at Currently, there are events scheduled for 4th
July, 5th September, 3rd October, 7th November and 5th December. Entry is £3, with under 15s free. 

World Flavours

Matthew’s Foods
Matthew’s Foods doesn’t sound like an oriental supermarket, but this is heaven for adventurous cooks. If you head to 136-8 Causewayend, you’ll find Korean, Japanese, Chinese and South East Asian ingredients and specialities. There’s everything from kimchi to Shao Hing wine, a zillion varieties of dried noodles and an assortment of interesting veg.

Spice of Asia
Spice of Asia, on John Street, specialises in Asian, African, Latin American and Middle Eastern ingredients, with over 10,000 products and 200 brands in store. There’s halal butchery, a great fruit and veg section and a range of sweets and treats that are worth exploring. 

Rosemount’s Asian Mini Market
Rosemount’s Asian Mini Market, on South Mount Street, may be considerably smaller, but it’s still packed with intriguing products. They are open seven days a week and always worth a visit. Facebook: asianminimarketrosemount

Polski sklep B&M Sausages
George Street, King Street and Torry are all good if you’re looking for Eastern European flavours. Polski Sklep B&M Sausages on Victoria Road
in Torry, is, like the name suggests, the city’s premier purveyor of Polish sausages and smoked meats. Facebook: PolskisklepBMsausagesAberdeen 

Goral Shop
You’ll find Goral Shop in the Summerhill Shopping Centre. This Polish supermarket has been around since 2016 and offers a great selection
of Polish chocolate, snacks and confectionary as well as also stocking
B&M’s range of sausages and pork-based products. 

Pasta Plus
Lastly, if you fancy some Mediterranean flavours, Pasta Plus on Rosemount Place is wonderful for authentic Italian sausages, cheeses, flours, dried pasta and, when in season, the best wild mushrooms in the city. Facebook:pasta-plus- 108822972512380 

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