When you’re rushing about from one place to another in the constantly changing barrage of Scottish weather, layering is the practical solution. Choose the right pieces and layering can also provide an elegant capsule wardrobe for Spring dressing.


Look for well-cut, lightweight pieces in natural fabrics, in toning neutral to provide a base. Stick to natural fabrics which avoid the static side-effects of synthetics.  Cotton, cashmere and merino wool, leather and suede will give you a pulled together look that will work anywhere…

01  |   Qimble Shoes, Office £68   02  |  Gabriella Scarf,  Hobbs £59   03  |  Betty Jackson Black Trousers, Debenhams £45   04  |  Ryleigh Boots, Dune £189   05  |  Limited Edition Jumper, Marks & Spencer £29.50   06  |  Indigo Collection Felt Khaki Hat, Marks & Spencer £25   07  |  Double Faced Reversible Coat, Jaegar £350   08  |   Autograph Skirt, Marks & Spencer £129  09  | Short Sleeve Linen Check Blouse, Jigsaw £79
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