Meet Kirsty Pirie, Head Chef at Milton on the Corner

I started out in my first kitchen when I was still at school, working as a kitchen porter. I loved the teamwork and enrolled in the Professional Cookery course at Aberdeen College, going on to get my HNC. During my first year at college, I got a Commis Chef position at the Palm Court Hotel and have continued to progress my career in different hotels around the city ever since. I’ve learnt something from everybody I have ever worked with. 

When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my family and friends. Quite often, I’ll drag them to different restaurant so I can see what other people are doing and to experience it as a customer. I’m still trying to play football, too. 

Kitchens never stop and no two days are the same. It definitely keeps you on your toes and I love being part of a team and everyone having their own part to play. I think you really have to love what you do to succeed in this industry.

I joined the Cognito on the Corner team back in 2017, watching the restaurant grow from a shell of a building to the cosy and intimate setting it is today. Now that the restaurant is called Milton on the Corner I’m so excited to be part of a locally based independent company. We have a lot of regular customers and really feel part of the Rosemount community. We serve the highest quality Scottish cuisine in a casual dining experience.

As a head chef, I’m lucky to have the best ingredients to work with. Our fresh fish is delivered daily from Peterhead Harbour by Blue Flag. We use Scottish beef for our burgers and steaks from our local butchers McWilliams. All our fruit, vegetables and dairy are supplied to us through Turriffs of Montrose and at this time of year the fresh berries are amazing!

I love developing new dishes for our menu. We’ll often try them as a special to see how our regulars like it. I try to choose flavour combinations that people are going to like. My current favourite is our Oven baked Cod Loin served with Chorizo & Red Pepper Croquettes, Green Vegetables and a Butternut Squash Puree. Visually it looks fantastic on the plate and all the colours pop. The smooth and silky puree along with the crunch of the croquette and the delicate cod. As the MasterChef people would say, ‘It’s a great plate of food.’

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