Bathroom bliss

For many of us, our bathrooms have become a sanctuary, especially if we work from home. The bathroom can be a place of relaxation, tranquillity and a place to escape the endless cycle of social media and emails. Locking the door and soaking in the tub can offer a temporary escape from the constant demands of family life. It’s a place to chill out, rather than just a place to get clean. 

Bathroom trends for 2022 include the growing popularity of wet rooms or larger shower areas. Steam rooms are also becoming more popular as people create at home spas. Oversized tiles create a hotel or spa ambience, combined with feature lighting.  This is echoed in the growing popularity of Scandinavian styles which adds a natural touch in the form of pale woods and chalky shades. 

Baths are becoming more design-led in a wider range of sizes, shapes and materials, from steel, wood, cast minerals and stone. Taps and showerheads are becoming sleeker and more minimalist in design, while chrome is giving way to copper, bronze and black. 

Ben Bryden, Sales and Marketing Director at RAK Ceramics, one of the UK’s leading bathroom fittings manufacturers, explained, ‘Bathrooms need to be smart, luxurious spaces to retreat and enjoy some time for ourselves. Trends are reflecting this, with glamorous brassware finishes, sanitaryware in soft shades that offer an alternative to crisp white and walk-in style shower areas. Smart storage solutions, that help make the most of small spaces, will also be important, as well as less visible features such as anti-bacterial coatings, sensor technology and rimless WCs to maximise on hygiene and make cleaning easier.’ 

If you’re considering a new bathroom, consult a local designer or two about making the most of your space. People are often concerned about the cost of moving bathroom fittings and the associated pipework, but this is often less problematic and less expensive than expected and can help create a more spacious, relaxing room. A glass of wine, a couple of candles, some relaxing music and a good book make the bathroom the perfect setting for a bit of
me time. 

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