Relax with a sound bath

Sound baths are possibly the most relaxing way you can spend an hour or so.You can feel the tension ebb away from your body on a tide of sound harmonics as you snuggle down on a yoga mat complete with a pillow and blanket. You are immersed in a comforting cloud of sounds generated by a combination of Tibetan singing bowls, Koshi chimes, Tingsha cymbals and Rain sticks. Somehow, it’s the same drowsy atmosphere of warmth, comfort and of safety as your childhood memories of just one more bedtime story before lights out.

Sound therapy is one of the oldest forms of healing, dating back to the first bone flutes and resonant rocks well over 40,000 years ago. There is evidence to suggest that the Ancient Egyptians used it and it has a long history of use in traditional forms of medicine from Central America to China. In the Bible, David played his harp to lift King Saul’s depression and Handel’s Water Music was created to help King George the Third’s problems with memory loss and depression. More recent scientific research has shown that certain sound frequencies help to heal the body and speed up the body’s natural healing processes, as well as boosting mood and reducing both stress and chronic pain levels.

Some people have theorised that since every molecule in our bodies contains electrons which vibrate at different frequencies, our bodies respond to sound not only on a physical level, but mentally and emotionally, too. Think of the way a song can make us feel happy and confident while another might make us melancholy or move us to tears.

Sound baths and sound therapy are said to reduce stress, depression, anxiety and anger levels, helping release negative emotions and mental states. Those experiencing fibromyalgia, ME or chronic fatigue report benefits and it is said to improve sleep quality.

As well as pop-up sound healing events around the region, the Haven in Stonehaven offers a regular sound bath session on Wednesday evenings or Friday mornings with Carol Folan of Carma Holistic, while Sound as a Bell in Insch offers a range of sound based treatments including work with tuning forks, sound baths and gong baths. Expect to pay around £35-£45 for a private session of just under an hour, or £10 per class. Block bookings at the Haven are available for £43 for five sessions and Carol also offers a healing combination of Reiki and sound for individuals. 

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