Yoga: the flexible foundation of health

There’s more to yoga than the downward dog as we found out when we asked local yoga teachers Gayle Sheed and Louisa Craig about their approaches…

‘Whilst yoga is becoming very popular it is often overlooked as a source of health improvement or health prevention,’ explained Gayle. ‘I’m involved in Yoga4Health. It’s a 10 week, mainly online, evidence based programme. People are referred by their GP or other health professionals. Clients can also refer themselves.  Clients might have a pre-disposition to diabetes, long-term health conditions including cancer, mild to moderate mental health issues or are recovering from injury. Most clients experience multiple benefits such as reduced medication, increased mobility, better morale and overall improvement in their health.’  

‘Yoga is also increasingly recognised for the mental health benefits it brings,’ Louisa Craig continued. ‘This is particularly the case in the workplace where stress and mental health problems cost the UK around £18 billion each year. 

‘I offer bespoke team building workshops incorporating breathwork, meditation, a talk and practical techniques on managing mental health, anxiety and depression, an uplifting yoga session and yoga nidra, a form of deep relaxation. I also offer regular corporate sessions in yoga, meditation, relaxation, and presentations on managing mental health.

‘Breathwork allows us to access our nervous system and change the way we are feeling. Most of us are in ‘fight or flight’ mode, which activates our parasympathetic nervous system, but if you’re feeling lethargic, depressed and unmotivated, you may actually need to activate your sympathetic nervous system to lift your spirits. The best way to access this and positively change your mindset is by controlling the breath, and it’s far simpler than you would think.’

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