A gorge-ous adventure

If you’re feeling adventurous and don’t mind a few bruises, give canyoning or gorge walking a go…

Gorge walking is a better option for beginners and families. It involves walking along a river, but it’s got to be the right river. We’re not talking about a relaxing stroll along the shady banks of the Ythan Estuary here. Gorge walking is much more exhilarating, combining lots of climbing rocks, splashing in plunge pools, slipping and sliding your way down stream or struggling your way upstream. 

It’s a family friendly activity, but best for kids over eight, who don’t mind getting wet and messy. It’s best to book an organised trip with qualified guides who know the river rather than just plunging in with no idea of the currents or terrain. 

Canyoning is a higher octane version of gorge walking, suitable for reasonably fit adults and teenagers. Think of it as white water rafting, without the raft. You’ll find yourself scrambling up scree slopes, climbing rock faces, abseiling and crossing rope bridges, plunging behind waterfalls, leaping from ledges, wild swimming and generally feeling like a superhero that’s forgotten their cape. We can’t guarantee the superhero feeling will still be with you the next morning, though!

Adventure Aberdeen and ACEAdventures in Forres all offer canyoning and gorge walking adventures in Aberdeenshire and Moray and there are lots of options in the Cairngorms and Highland Perthshire too. 

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