StudioBe: Finding a health and lifestyle venue to suit you

This time of year sees many of us carrying a few surplus festive pounds. We have a renewed determination to increase our activity levels and to feel better within ourselves. Whether we are looking to feel fitter, be stronger, increase our flexibility or to find some calm in our busy lives; there will be a health and lifestyle venue to suit you.

Lots of us join a gym in January. However statistics show that most have stopped attending by the middle of February. The Direct Debit then coming regularly off your already strained bank account becomes too awkward to cancel or maybe even impossible for a duration of time.

StudioBE offer Pay-As-You-Go classes priced from £7 – £11. This is an excellent way of booking and attending classes without being tied in and trying something new. They also offer monthly passes which include unlimited timetabled classes. These are £35 for fitness classes only and £55 for fitness and holistic classes.

As some US research shows, two thirds of people with gym memberships don’t actually go and one third of those who purchase online health and fitness products don’t get round to downloading them. Sadly, just signing up won’t make the pounds drop off, or muscles make a miraculous appearance. 

StudioBE has the ideal location at 13 Carden Place. Classes and Personal Training sessions can be attended from early morning until evening. Although not a gym, the StudioBE Personal Trainers find that many of their clients follow through programmes at a gym of their choice but choose to have their sessions at their dedicated Personal Training studio.

Choosing a facility with the right atmosphere can also help you stick with the programme. You want to go somewhere you feel comfortable and not judged or intimidated by swarms of fitness influencers or people deadlifting twice their own bodyweight. Look for somewhere with classes that are suitable for beginners and where the staff are happy to explain how the equipment works. 

StudioBE pride themselves on their welcoming and inclusive environment. They work with clients from 14 to 70+. Their trainers and class teachers/instructors take an individual approach, making time to explain and listen. They can help you set realistic goals and work towards them. 

StudioBE’s Personal Trainers are some of the most experienced in Aberdeen and ensure every client is treated confidentially. They also provide sessions that are never intimidating and even fun! On contacting the Studio a PT can be assigned to you depending on what type of training you are looking for.

Women tend to drop out of their fitness programmes when they believe that they, in themselves, aren’t worth it and they shouldn’t spend their time on money on themselves. StudioBE firmly believe that putting your own health first will only enrich you and your family’s life.

Try BECycle where the tunes and atmosphere will improve your cardio fitness and leave you buzzing! BEConditioned will strengthen and also improve cardio fitness through body weight or use of resistance plates/bars. Pilates and Yoga classes are also timetabled for you to increase core strength, improve posture, increase flexibility and find some calm in your day.

StudioBE is a welcome addition to west end Aberdeen and you absolutely want to BEinvolved! Find out more at or contact

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