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We may still be in the depths of winter but if you are considering a garden project to be ready for this summer, now is the time to start planning it.

Don’t underestimate the importance of taking time to work through the design and planning phases, the success of your project will rely heavily on how meticulously you have thought through the detail.  

One of the questions that should drive the complexity of your design is whether you will be building it yourself, or you will contract the services of a professional landscaper.

If you are doing this yourself, there are a few things to consider:

1. Ensure the design reflects your skills set and physical ability to ensure that your health and safety are not put at risk and this includes considering the weight of the materials you intend to use and how they will be managed.

2. Before you commence works, ensure you have checked with your local authorities that the content of your design does not require planning or building control permissions. If you reside within a Conservation area you must check-in with your local authority.

3. Make sure you know where utilities run through your garden.

4. If your design includes complex elements such as retaining levels or load then make sure you seek professional advice to ensure these items are built to the correct specification.

5. Try to re-use as much material onsite as you can.

6. Both during your build and after, consider drainage and how water is to be managed.

If you are undertaking your project with the services of a professional landscaper, ensure they have all the correct insurances and that you have carried out due diligence on their previous performance through references. Make it your business to ensure that you are contracting a company who can demonstrate that they adopt safe working practices and equip their workforce appropriately. 

Considering a garden project this year and looking for support? The Garden Design Company Scotland Ltd., under the direction of Kirsty McLean, award winning garden designer and writer will guide you through the process.

The Garden Design Company has over twenty years Design & Build experience with an extensive portfolio including residential and commercial gardens. The process is simple and modular, making it easy to access what you need and within your budgetary consideration. 

In support of the various stages of design, 3D sketches and photorealistic visuals are offered to provide the client with visual confirmation of how the detail and finished garden will look.  This ensures that everyone involved in the project, communally understands and buys into the agreed vision thus reducing the possibility for misunderstandings.

So whether you are looking for general advice or want someone to oversee every aspect from concept to completion, a consultation with The Garden Design Company is the first step toward creating the garden you’ve always wanted.

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Aberdeen AB13 0EN
Tel: 01224 739184

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