Fit & Skin Studio provide several unique treatments within their portfolio, some of which are very hard to come by. Each have their own way of delivering results to clients and keep them coming back for more when they recognise the benefits of experiencing something new and seeing the transformation in their bodies.

AlumierMD Peels   

AlumierMD chemical peels are the latest development in clinical exfoliation. The treatments are individually customised and are gentle enough for all skin types.  This cellular exfoliation removes dead skin cells and promotes cellular renewal, leaving skin tone even, texture firm, and reducing lines and wrinkles. With a long-term targeted approach, AlumierMD peels can even eliminate troublesome acne.  They can also:

•  Improve skin purity
•  Treat skin discoloration
•  Reduce the signs of ageing

Pelvic Floor Training   

It is never too soon to start pelvic floor training, but for women over 40, this is truly a must. Using biofeedback throughout the session to clearly display on-screen how effectively the pelvic floor muscles are working, these machine-led exercises are designed to improve problems related to the following:

•  Urinary incontinence
•  Kegel muscle weakness
•  Lumbar pain
•  Recovery from prostatectomy


Pressotherapy is a detoxifying treatment that encourages lymphatic drainage through the use of air pressure.  The process alternates compression and decompression to encourage effective lymph circulation, which in turn can:

•  Improve blood circulation
•  Reduce swelling
•  Eliminate toxins and excess liquids

Ozone & Oxygen Therapy   

This state-of-the-art machine offers ozone therapy and oxygen therapy, both of which offer amazing results.  Exposing your body to varying concentrations of ozone and oxygen activates the immune system, which in turn can:

•  Improve blood circulation
•  Treat joint pain and muscular diseases
•  Disinfect wounds or ulcers
•  Increase oxygen supply within tissues

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