After giving birth to her twins seven years ago, catalina dunbar found herself in a body that she had not been familiar with prior to having children.

Having gone from a size 8 to a size 18, she suddenly felt like a stranger in her own skin and eventually decided she had to do something about it. Thus began a journey of discovery that ultimately led to the recent opening of Aberdeen’s most innovative health and fitness facility, Fit and Skin Studio.

With memberships now available, including exclusive corporate packages, Fit and Skin, located in the heart of Union Street, is a studio like no other.  In her quest to reclaim the body she wanted, Mrs. Dunbar discovered something – working out to lose weight is only a small part of the formula for success. As the weight comes off, you can be faced with a plethora of other issues, like loose skin, persistent injuries, scar tissue and the subdermal effects of ageing.  And so, she scoured the globe to find the most advanced methods and treatments available, which she has now brought together under one roof so she can share her personal success with others.

At the core of Fit and Skin is the state-of-the-art fitness studio, which incorporates the latest technology to ensure that maximum results are gained within the time constraints of a busy schedule. Ross Dunbar, General Manager with over 15 years’ experience in the industry states, ‘The classes on offer are high-intensity, highly targeted, expertly supervised, and usually no more than 25 minutes in duration.’ With specialist equipment like suspension trainers and EMS body suits, which send electronic impulses to your muscles to greatly amplify your workout, this is not your typical gym. In fact, EMS technology has been used by professional athletes and celebrities because it helps participants to build muscle and lose fat at a much faster rate than a normal workout. Combine it with other targeted classes like Boxing and Suspension Training, and you will soon be on the path to a new body.

Complementary to the workouts, and perhaps even more exciting for Aberdonians, are the skin and body treatments available at Fit and Skin. These non-invasive, cutting edge therapies have been brought here from all around the world. Hydrotherapy, or underwater massage, uses a full-sized bath and a manual high-pressure jet to deliver a deep tissue massage to help aid recovery, reduce pain and cellulite. Full Body Ozone and CO2 Therapy has been shown to detoxify the body, boost the immune system, increase energy levels and help with insomnia. And there are so many other therapies to choose from, most which fit nicely into a lunch break – cryotherapy, HIFU Face and Body, cavitation, skin tightening, and even a machine that builds pelvic floor strength, which every woman should try.

At Fit and Skin Studio, the approach to weight loss and fitness is as universal as it is individualistic.  Here, you will find a strong team of carefully selected fitness and skin specialists with a wealth of experience in their respective fields. They know that everyone has their own goals, and their own unique challenges to achieving those goals, so they create a bespoke plan that addresses all the issues that keep you from feeling your best. The ultimate objective is not just weight loss, but a complete transformation.

440 Union Street
Aberdeen AB10 1TR
Tel: 01224 959800
Facebook: Fitandskinstudio

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