Making a difference with sublative scar rejuvenation

Scarring often leaves its mark on self-confidence as well as the body, but Fit & Skin Studioís Sublative Scar Rejuvenation treatment uses radio frequency energy to achieve real improvements even on old scars. The process reduces the appearance of scarring as the healing process is accelerated. The results have to be seen to be believed.

Alise had always been self-conscious of a burn scar she sustained 16 years ago. Following an extensive skin consultation, Alise had a course of 4 Sublative treatments. Each session lasts an hour and treatments were four weeks apart.

During treatment, it’s common to experience a warm, prickly sensation and a pink or red ‘sunburn’ appearance afterwards. Fit & Skin Studio therapists apply anaesthetic ointments and cooling methods to help reduce any discomfort during the treatment and also make recommendations for aftercare to achieve maximum results.

Even after the first of her treatments, Alise noticed the visibility of the scar reducing. By the end of her fourth treatment and Alise was given time to heal, the scar had reduced by a total of 70%.

Sublative skin rejuvenation is also used to improve the appearance of mild to moderate wrinkles, red and brown spots, large pores, acne and textural irregularities to help clients achieve younger, healthier
looking skin.

For the best results, Fit & Skin recommends a course of at least three 3 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart. The total number of required treatments depends on the skin’s condition; however, results continue over 3-5 months after the final treatment and can be topped up annually.

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