As far back as 2500 BC, ancient Egyptians were using isolated cold therapy to treat injuries and inflammation. Today, advances in technology mean that Cryotherapy is more accessible than ever, making it a much sought-after treatment for an extensive range of conditions, from acne to scar removal to hair loss.

Fit & Skin Studio offers both Localised Cryotherapy and Cryotherapy Facials. With Cryotherapy Facial, a specially designed mask is placed over the face for several minutes, dramatically reducing the temperature of the skin which, in turn, shrinks underlying blood vessels and encourages collagen production. The result is a reduction in redness and inflammation and a tightening of pores, which leaves your skin vibrant and more youthful even after just one session. Localised Cryotherapy uses the same technology to target inflammation and scar tissue in other areas of the body, which can significantly improve damage from injuries.

Because Cryotherapy is a natural treatment, it is safe and effective even for teenagers, and can be administered frequently to maximise results. When used in conjunction with Fit & Skin’s Microneedling face therapy, Cryotherapy has produced fantastic results against acne and the associated scarring that often accompanies it.

Full Monthly Membership to Fit & Skin costs only £50 per month, giving you unlimited fitness classes, one localised cryotherapy session per month and a host of other benefits.

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Cryotherapy Facial
1 session         £30
10 sessions      £250
20 sessions      £450

Localised Body Cryotherapy
1 session         £30
5 sessions        £125
10 sessions      £239
20 sessions      £479

Microneedling (Face)
1 treatment     £200
3 treatments  £450

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