Conjuring up creativity in the workplace

Ivor Smith and Jeff Burns of Fifth Dimension have used magic as a visual aid to engage, energise, educate and entertain audiences at business presentations, training workshops and as a promotional tool for companies since they set up in business in 1999.

They also use magic to help companies unleash their creativity which is at the heart of any successful company. Creativity offers a competitive edge, driving innovation and bringing bottom line benefits. However sometimes it takes a little magic to set it free.

Entertainment and magic have a serious role to play in the world of work. Using these mediums Fifth Dimension have created services that ensure safety presentations, team development workshops, exhibitions and client events are not forgotten as soon as they are over. 

Ivor Smith explained, ‘It’s a theatrical art, but the sense of immediacy and suspense can captivate an audience in a way that other types of communication simply cannot replicate when it comes to getting the message across.

Magic is guaranteed to provide a real talking point, an immediate ice-breaker when bringing people who don’t know each other well together. Creativity flows when everyone is relaxed and feels comfortable with one another’.

Jeff Burns added, ‘Magic is an interactive art, requiring input from the audience. The kinaesthetic element to magic helps to make it an effective memory tool. Our magic is customised to ensure that the company’s key messages are central to the presentation. Magic is the ‘X factor’ that differentiates us from our competition’. 

By using magic as a visual aid, Fifth Dimension offers a range of unique, online and in person bespoke services that offer engaging, entertaining, effective learning and entertainment across a spectrum of industry sectors throughout the world’.

Every business needs some magic.

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