Daddy dearest

This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday 20th of June, so you can’t say we didn’t warn you! Treat your dad or grandad to something special this year, after all, he deserves it! 

Many dads would be overjoyed with a bacon roll for breakfast, a pub lunch and a quiet snooze in front of the TV, followed by a curry and a beer or two for dinner. If you’d prefer to up the stakes a little, go for a weekend away – ideally to somewhere that encourages building a camp fire, or book a city break for anywhere that’s on the travel green list. Maybe there’s somewhere he’s always longed to visit? Start to plan a trip with a guidebook and a piggy bank starter fund. 

Tickets for sports events, festivals or concerts can also be a great choice, as can outdoor cooking equipment like a new BBQ or home smoker. If he is keen on the culinary arts, then putting together a hamper from his favourite deli, sweet shop, the Asian supermarket or just buying some seriously upmarket steaks could bring a smile to his face. Movie night hampers also work well and are easy to assemble – just some beer or soft drinks, popcorn and snacks and a programme of his favourite retro movies from Netflix or on DVD. Anything from Ghostbusters to Die Hard, depending on the dad! 

Sporty dads, or those keen to get back into shape, might appreciate a gym membership, joining a local golf, tennis or martial arts club, or just some new kit, though they really need to choose this themselves, whether it’s running shoes, a mountain bike or a wooden bokken sword for practicing their samurai moves in the garden. 

Talking of gardens, sheds are always worth considering as a gift. Having your own sanctuary is important and provides space for hobbies, relaxation and contemplation. Keen gardeners might appreciate some raised beds, propagation equipment, plants or new tools. 

Phone, computing and hi-fi tech will find favour, particularly if you go old-school with retro consoles or vinyl, though there’s a lot to be said for a new tablet or phone. 

Gaming gear will find favour with some dads, particularly if the family promise him some uninterrupted time to play, or you could even let him win at a board game or two. Yes, win… because it’s
father’s day after all! 

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