Pack it in

When it comes to holiday wardrobes, less is definitely more, particularly if you’re trying to keep it to cabin baggage only. Who wants to drag a huge case halfway across the planet – unless it’s empty and you plan to do a little shopping while you’re away? Most of us tend to squeeze a bit more into our suitcases that we really need, so creating a capsule holiday wardrobe where everything co-ordinates and looks great together makes sense. 

Let’s start with what you don’t need. If you’re planning to spend all day by the pool at your villa, book in one hand and mojito in the other, you probably won’t be needing too many city outfits, nor do you really need five pairs of shoes for a week away. Similarly, a city break means you don’t need three bikinis and matching sarongs. 

Choose your base neutral. Grey and black can leave you looking a bit washed out in sunnier climes, so consider blue or a natural shade, then choose a secondary colour. White or cream can pull a co-ordinated look together. 

Think carefully about how many days you’re away for and how many different types of places you’ll be visiting. Discard anything too formal or informal. Perhaps stick to a couple of pairs of trousers and a long sundress or two with a toning jacket as a base, then add in sufficient tops and undergarments to carry you through. Blazers are good as they’ll go with everything. Add in one or two evening tops if you like. Footwear should be practical and limited to a couple of pairs. If you know you’ll end up sightseeing in jeans and trainers all week, then leave the Louboutins at home. 

Wear your heavier items like jeans, walking shoes and a jacket on the journey. That way, they’re not counting in your baggage allowance. Planes are always chilly anyway and you’ll be happy you wore them when you land back in the city! 

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