Choosing the right moisturiser or serum for your skin

Everyone’s skin has different needs. It can be dry, oily, getting a bit saggy, blemish prone or showing signs of age – sometimes all in the same month!

This can make it difficult to choose a moisturiser or serum that works with the needs of your skin to help with hydration and looking your best. Here’s our selection of the best products to consider…

Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream (, £75).
This is well named. You’ll find it backstage at nearly every catwalk show as it reduces redness and signs of fatigue and creates an outer layer of radiance. For best results, apply just before makeup. The thicker texture allows for a dewier complexion that doesn’t look greasy. It truly is magnificent.

Another cream that performs above expectations is Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream (, £26). This 24-hour holding moisturiser keeps the skin hydrated and glowing all day long. Its gentle formula glides on the skin easily and a little goes a long way. A gentle fingertip massage will help build up the moisture in the upper layers of your skin. This simple step can be added into your daily routine very easily, creating beautifully strong skin the more you use it. 

If it’s time to bring in the heavy artillery, try Lancôme Absolute Revitalizing Eye Cream (, £102). Apply this morning and night to reduce the sign of wrinkles and prevent dullness from appearing as dark bags underneath your eye lids. The cream acts as a shield against the appearance of worn out skin, improving the texture and look of your skin and to mask signs of ageing.

If you have sensitive skin, Avene’s Hydrance Optimal Riche (, £14.50) is a water based formula that calms, soothes and hydrates itchy, flaky or dry skin. Apply when you need an extra boost of hydration, whether it’s after a day spent in the sun or after a heavy night out.

Lastly, Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis Glow Illuminating Elixir (£64, is the perfect serum for a home facial. It will leave you with a beautifully radiant and luminous appearance. For best results, apply morning and night, after using their Ultimate Cleanse Cleansing Balm (£48, They combine to give your skin a deep cleanse and a therapeutic massage at the same time. The perfect option until you can visit your beauty therapist for a facial again.

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