Avoid a Christmas entertaining meltdown by following my golden rule: Less mess = Less stress!

Prepare as much as you can in advance. Assemble cold canapés and store in the fridge, then serve as soon as your guests arrive.

Oak smoked salmon with cream cheese and a squeeze of lime on mini oatcakes is a sure-fire hit! Feta cheese with olive and sundried tomato on a stick is simple, but great. Other easy dishes include smoked meats, with gherkins and tomatoes, rustic crackers or hand cooked crisps with hummus topped with fresh herbs.

My favourite hot canapés include mini cups of stovies, crispy haggis bonbons and cocktail sausages served with chilli, cranberry sauce and sesame seeds or mini vegetable kebabs with a pesto dip. Delicious! Stick to finger food and use mini bowls with teaspoons or sticks to avoid any greasy spillages.

Most important of all, eat, drink and be merry!

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