Stars in their eyes for Clinetix & Tess Daly

Beauty experts tell us the popularity of surgical facelifts is dropping year on
year, and it’s no secret why. New non-surgical, downtime-free ‘lunchtime facelifts’ make what once seemed impossible totally possible and really affordable too. Treatment takes under an hour with no downtime.

If you want to know the results of these new treatments, take a look at Tess Daly. Everyone knows Tess looks terrific for her 52 years. Tess says Ultherapy® ensures, “You will look like yourself, but just on a really good day.”

No needles, no injectables, just great looking results from the best people

Husband and wife team Dr Simon and Dr Emma Ravichandran of the Clinetix Group are the recognised experts in Ultherapy® in Scotland. They are ranked among the top 100 Medical Aesthetic Practitioners in the world, and lead a team of expert clinical and aesthetic therapists trained to provide gold standard treatment and care. 

Clinetix were awarded the accolade of Best Clinic in Scotland at the recent Aesthetics Awards 2022. Clinetix staff have the experience and technical knowledge to tailor Ultherapy® to the unique contours and depths of each person’s skin. This results in the most effective and long-lasting results.

Dr Simon explained, ‘When a patient first presents for any aesthetic treatment, they tend to come in with an individual complaint which, more often than not, focuses on narrow areas of the face rather than the face as a whole. We focus on taking a holistic approach to faces and patients, not just lines and wrinkles, to marry the patient’s expectations with genuine aesthetic outcomes. This not only improves the way a person looks but also the way they feel.’

Ultherapy® is considered the premier treatment in non-surgical skin tightening and lifting. It works deep within your skin to restore collagen and elastin, with toned, tightened and fresh results which peak at 3-6 months after treatment and last for up to 2 years. This no-needle lift is an outstanding treatment for anyone with early skin sagging or skin laxity. That’s basically anyone with looseness and a lack of tone in their face or neck. 

You could benefit from Ultherapy® if you have:

  lowered or heavy-looking forehead and brows
  facial wrinkles on cheeks and around mouth
  sagging pre-jowls around chin and jawline 
  loose skin on your neck
  lines or wrinkles forming on chest or decolletage

Dr Emma added, ‘In just one treatment, you can have beautifully refreshed, lifted and tightened skin. Ultherapy® is also great for patients on a budget as it works really well on smaller treatment zones to precisely target areas like a ‘brow lift’ or ‘jowl lift’.

As part of your treatment, Clinetix staff routinely employ the Visia® Facial Analysis Diagnostic Tool when assessing patients. This allows a 3-D under-skin view of all the facial structures invisible to the naked eye.

A detailed skin health consultation and clinical examination helps identify specific skin issues and confirm which treatments are most suitable for each patient. The Visia® facial analysis diagnostic tool is ideal for treatment planning, which can:

  detect conditions before they are visible on the skin
•    identify and prevent specific skin issues
  chart your skin journey over the longer term

Visia® creates targeted Ultherapy benefits with the ultrasound-based tightening and lifting energy delivered precisely where it will have the most remarkable results. If you like the sound of Ultherapy® or Visia® Facial Analysis and would like to find out more, visit the website or get social @clinetix.

T: 01698 854221

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