Whether you’re 16 or 66, there’s no reason to have misaligned teeth. Orthodontic treatment is no longer a matter of a mouth full of shiny metal, as dentist Julie Rafferty explained, ‘At Andrew Scott Dental, we offer removable clear plastic aligner braces and fixed tooth-coloured braces for realignment of anterior teeth. Teeth that have previously been rotated, crowded or angled, or too far apart can be corrected, sometimes in just a few months.

‘Andrew Scott Dental Care offers a free assessment and private orthodontic treatment for those aged sixteen or over. There’s no upper limit provided the teeth and gums are healthy. Some people have their childhood treatments redone after a relapse. It’s such a boost to self-confidence. Some clients describe it as life-changing.

‘We use computer technology to design the braces and assess the treatment requirements. We can even use intraoral scanners instead of having to take impressions, which some people find uncomfortable’.

Orthodontic treatment costs between £1300 and £3500 depending on the complexity of treatment. 0% finance may be available.

15A Victoria Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1XB
Tel: 01224 806700

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