David Lloyd Aberdeen has introduced an amazing new fitness class called BLAZE. We sent Gill Buyers along to try it out.

BLAZE is a brand new high energy boutique fitness class that will leave you buzzing with energy, feeling competitive and ready for anything.

The friendly class has a mix of people of all ages, sizes, shapes and capabilities. BLAZE is a great combination of cardio and strength training that offers a full body workout. There are treadmills, weight benches and combat bags.

All the first timers are given a brief overview of how the class works and get kitted out with a heart rate monitor and inner gloves. Regulars buy their own kit, but you can do the class without a monitor too. Ages and weights are discreetly taken and used to calculate work rates, which appear on the big screen.

The trainer talks us through the class, sets our targets and says we’ll be aiming for a minimum of nine minutes in our red zones, which is 90% heart rate capacity. Each blast of work lasts three minutes and it’s really surprising how quickly the 45 minute class passes. The coloured lights and pumping music uplift the energy as we pound away on the treadmills, perform simple moves on the weight benches and vent our frustrations by kicking and punching the combat bags. The trainer is there at every step of the way – driving, cajoling and encouraging.

By the end of the class, I’m slumped on the floor, but feeling elated. My performance stats are better than I expected and I’m already looking forward to my next BLAZE class. There’s nothing quite like it.

BLAZE is unique to David Lloyd Clubs

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