Pampered tootsies

The chances are that your feet haven’t taken much of your attention lately, especially as there haven’t been many opportunities to wear flip flops or strappy evening sandals. 

If you’ve been living in furry boots and slippers for the past year, then you may find that your feet have changed shape and heels are no longer comfortable. This may be the perfect excuse to go shoe shopping. Get your feet back into tip top condition first by booking a medical pedicure or medi pedi as it’s known. This is offered by several local podiatry clinics. 

The medi pedi combines podiatry treatments with a bit of pampering. Nails are cleaned and any corns, calluses and hard skin dealt with, before dry heels are sorted out. This is generally followed by a foot scrub, a mask to rehydrate and soften the skin and a deep moisture treatment and foot massage. Unlike a beauty spa pedicure, your nails remain unvarnished, but your feet will be healthier look better and feel better. 

If you don’t need such a heavy duty approach, then try your favourite beauty salon where, for around £15 – £60, you can expect to emerge relaxed and perfectly pedicured. Some salons include painting your nails in the price, while others make an additional charge, so check out the pricing before making your appointment. 

Summer’s most popular shades include corals, which always look great on tanned skin, fruity pastel shades like watermelon, minty greens, pink sorbets and icy blueberry shades. These look great in rainbow combinations. If you’re sticking to a single colour, then lilac might be your best choice, as it’s one of this season’s most popular shades in womenswear. Understated neutrals are always a winner, particularly if you have several events to go for. Look for pale creamy whites or the gentlest, barely-there pinks. 

If you’d rather try a home pedicure, then follow our steps to fantastic feet. 

Gather up some cotton buds, cotton wool pads, gloves, nail varnish remover, toe separators, foot cream or lotion, a foot file or pumice stone, a towel and a foot spa if you have one. 

Start by removing the remnants of any existing polish using cotton wool
pads soaked in nail varnish remover. Wear rubber or latex gloves if you don’t want to ruin your manicure. Use a basin or foot spa to soak your feet in warm water. You can add bath salts if you have them. After ten minutes, pat one foot dry, then remove dead skin with the foot file or pumice stone. Repeat for the other foot, before trimming your toenails with clippers
or scissors and then filing them.

If you like, you can push your cuticles back, but they’re there to protect the nail bed from bacteria, so it’s not an essential step. You can massage in a little cuticle oil to encourage healthy nails. Use your favourite foot cream or lotion to massage your toes, ankles and calves. Use firm upward stokes on the ankles to encourage the flow of lymph, which carries waste cell products from the body. You can use a face or body lotion for your massage, but this isn’t the time to break out your most expensive moisturiser. 

Make sure your nails are dry before grabbing your toe separators and applying a layer of base coat polish. Don’t skip this, especially if you’ve chosen a dark shade, as your toenails may stain without it. It also helps your polish to last longer. Next, paint two thin layers of your chosen polish, allowing sufficient drying time between coats. Finish with a layer of protective top coat and allow yourself at least half an hour of doing nothing to prevent smudges and ruining all your efforts. 

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