Refresher course

Renew, revitalise and rejuvenate your skin this winter with our pick of new products to give you a glow…

Winter skin often becomes dull and dehydrated thanks to a combination of central heating inside and harsh weather outside, particularly in our corner of the world. 

Samaya Ayurvedic Skincare Exfoliant 

Samaya’s refreshing skincare range comes in three variants according to your dosha type – an ancient Indian classification of your metabolism and physiognomy. Luckily, there’s a handy guide on their website to help you work it out! Ayurveda is all about finding the balance, so their all-natural exfoliants provide a gently effective way of removing dead skin cells and impurities without damaging healthy skin below. Ingredients vary depending on the dosha type chosen, but the results are always the same – instantly revitalised softer skin. Discover more at

Katherine Daniels Multivitamin Concentrate

Colder weather and temperature fluctuations mean you sometimes need to reach for the big guns. Katherine Daniels’ Multi-Vitamin Concentrate is a supercharged 3-in-1 concentrate, to brighten, plump and perfect your skin. The salon-strength formula comes packed with 10% Vitamin C, 5% Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid. It’s an easily absorbed gel that brightens the skin, hydrates and protects from UV, blue light and pollution induced damage. Start out using it once a day or every second day as Vitamin C can be too stimulating if you’re not used to it. In a few weeks, you’ll be looking at a complexion which is more even in tone, plump, radiant and glowing with health.

There are lots of trial sizes across the range and they also off a complimentary 20 minute virtual skincare consultation to ensure you make the best choice for your skin. Explore what’s on offer at

VIVE CBD Skin Therapy BB Defence Cream

VIVE’s gently soothing BB cream provides intense hydration and provides a healthy glow. It works with any skin tone, minimising the appearance of imperfections and protecting the skin barrier from environment stress. It even includes SPF15 protection. The CBD component combines with grape oil, aloe vera and shea butter to sooth the skin. Longer term use has been shown to reduce redness and inflammation. Find out more at

Kalme TeQ Serum

Kalme could be the answer to your skin problems if you experience redness or dry patches in winter. TeQ Serum is an exceptionally hydrating and skin repairing prebiotic serum with extracts of agave and pure squalene olive oil. Designed for maximum skin hydration and skin repair of red, dry, tight, and sensitive skin and especially useful for those with rosacea as it’s gentle and preservative-free. Just a few drops after cleansing at night and your skin looks better in the morning. Find it at

Ishga Hydra+ Marine Cream

Winter calls for extra comfort and deep hydration. Scottish beauty brand ishga’s new Hydra+ Marine Cream crowns a decade of product expertise. It’s a powerful combination of ishga’s antioxidant-rich seaweed extract and multiple molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to hydrate and nourish different skin layers, visibly rejuvenating the skin. Vegan, organic, cruelty free friendly and 99% natural, it also contains prickly pear oil, shea butter, argan oil, rose, geranium and frankincense oils as well as Lus Nan Laogh, an ancient Hebridean healing remedy. Find it at

Now’s the time to take a refresher course for glowing winter skin.

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