Eyecare essentials

Our eyes may be the windows to the soul, but the delicate skin means they are also one of the places that show the signs of tiredness, stress or aging all too quickly. From bags to dark circles, puffiness and fine lines, there’s a range of options available from local specialists.

Brenda Cardno at the Treat Company, the advanced skincare salon in Inverallochy, recommends Katherine Daniels’ eye range. This award-winning salon-strength range includes their Instant Effect Eye Mask (£59), which has been shown to decrease the appearance of lines by 41% and improve skin hydration by 56%. It contains sea kelp, hyaluronic acid and a mineral complex that refresh the eye area with just one treatment, leaving it looking visibly luminous, plumped and smooth and will feel hydrated, firm and revitalised. Brenda advises using it twice a week for a fortnight for sustained improvement. 

Katherine Daniels also offers a Multi-tasking Eye and Lip Balm (£40) which is great for dealing with the signs of fatigue. It leaves your eyes looking and feeling perked up when massaged into the eyelids. Better get, it also helps with those tiny lip lines that come as skin matures. 

Clinetix in Inverurie offers individualised Morpheus8 treatments which uses a combination of radio-frequency energy and micro-needling. The RF energy heats the deeper skin layers, stimulating collagen production to restore elasticity. Results are evident after two weeks after the initial course of treatment and improvements should continue up to 3 months after treatment.

Aberdeen’s Alpha Clinic offer Ultherapy, a non-surgical treatment which uses ultrasound energy to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen to lift and tighten the skin. The treatment takes around 45 minutes and results are visible after 3-6 months. Price £600 per session.

They also have an injectable vitamin skin booster, NCTF 135HA, which can be injected under the eye to help with crêpey skin by smoothing fine lines, restore radiance, deeply nourish the skin and replace skin deficient minerals.  £225 for 3ml. 

If you’d rather avoid injectables, Alpha also offer a range of ZO Skin Health Eye Creams; Eye Brightening Crème, Intense Eye Crème and Growth Factor Eye Serum.  These innovative products target dark circles, minimise the appearance of puffiness and fine lines and invigorate the look of tired eyes.  

Aesthetic surgery is another option which offers permanent results. Blepharoscopy surgery is increasingly popular and available from Alpha Clinic for the surgical rejuvenation of eyes that have excess skin on the upper eyelid or dark circles resulting from shadowing due to bulging fat or bags on the lower eyelid.

Further afield, eyebrow guru Shavata Singh has partnered with 111 Skin to bring new eye treatments to Edinburgh’s Harvey Nichols. The new treatments include a lash tint, as well as lymphatic drainage massaging around the eye contour area developed with 111SKIN and customised masking according to your targeted skincare needs and concerns. The treatments finish with 111SKIN eye cream and a neck and shoulder massage, leaving you feeling relaxed and looking great.  There are three mask to choose from: Celestial Black diamond – designed to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, soften the appearance of dark circles and minimise the sensation of puffiness. The delicate eye area is left smoother, hydrated and awakened. Sub-Zero De-Puffing – to restore, contour, tighten stress lines, and fortify the delicate eye area and Rose gold Illuminating – for a lasting luminosity and a brighter-eyed appearance. 

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