Salon secrets

Ever wondered whether salon hair products are better than supermarket shampoos? Us too, so we thought we’d ask…

There’s little doubt that, for most of us, our hair looks its best the minute we step out of the salon. As well as being perfectly styled, it tends to be smoother and glossier than anything we can achieve at home, even with a battery of tools and potions.   

When it comes to price, supermarket brands are often considerably cheaper than the equivalent product bought from a salon, or a salon brand bought from a specialist supplier like Salon Services or Sally Beauty in Aberdeen.

Neil Smith at Bloom Salon explained, ‘The main difference tends to be what the ingredients are in the product and or how they are made. A lot of supermarket brands use silicones and parabens. These are relatively cheap ingredients which can damage and dry out the hair. Many salon brands, including the ones we use are silicone and paraben free.’ 

The House of Hair’s Lorraine Malcolm concurred, saying, ‘The other main difference is the concentration of the key ingredients. A supermarket shampoo is diluted by up to 75% with sulphates and the silicones in conditioners do the same job. You will get a great lather or a shiny finish, but the product will not always deliver the moisture or protein your hair might require. With a salon product you should only use a 50p amount and work it through your hands to activate the key ingredients. At the House of Hair we use JOICO products from colour to styling. They are really consistent and reliable, and very eco-friendly. Because the active ingredients are more concentrated, a 400ml bottle of their shampoo or conditioner will last up to three months, compared to a month for a supermarket product. It’s an investment not an expense.

Bloom’s Neil Smith added, ‘It’s also about choosing the right product for your hair. The supermarket or chemist may have a bewildering array of choices but your hairdresser will be able to recommend the right products for you and what your hair and scalp needs. A lot of people confuse the difference between dry and damaged hair or a dry or sensitive scalp, this means they end up using something that won’t give them the results they want. 

‘At Bloom, our main hair brand is Davines. They’re big on natural ingredients and sustainability. We love their Liquid Spell which helps build and compact the hair fibres to strengthen the hair and give a fuller look, it’s great for someone with damaged hair and will also add a little volume.’

House of Hair’s Lorraine Malcolm commented, ‘When you’re washing and styling your hair at home, there are some simple rules that will help you achieve a better result. This will ensure you are on the right road to the healthiest hair you can have. 

‘Glamtex is a useful product to have in your home hair styling armoury. Glamtex is somewhere between a dry shampoo and a wax. It gives texture and hold on long or short hair. It’s great to help when styling your hair in an up do, for that wolf cut that needs product to give you a more lived in look or for that textured pixie that you want to be able to restyle all day long.’

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