It’s all too easy to assume that a well-fitted suit and an off duty wardrobe built round jeans, t-shirts and a down-filled jacket is all a chap needs to get through Autumn in style. Many designer’s efforts simply don’t translate into real life. Gucci can send as many razor cheek-boned models in pyjama suits down their catwalks as they like, but for most North-east men, style must be practical. So what’s on the shopping list?

Well, a warm coat or jacket is a no-brainer. Bomber jackets offer a versatile solution, while duffle coats have shed their stuffy image, with Margiela showing an elegant long-length version in camel, which works for the tall, rangy type – though shorter chaps may look a little Yodaesque. Team your choice with statement gloves in combinations of tweed, leather or suede for a finished look.

The new shawl-collared knitwear will also keep off the chill, while copper hues bring a freshness to the autumn palette, alongside the usual dark greys, browns, blues and black. Pink pops up to provide some warmth as an accent shade and shearling is popular for trims.


Image: Jaegar

Denim continues into Autumn, with raw finishes and straight styles becoming popular. Trousers benefit from a more relaxed and forgiving cut, with slouchy silhouettes and many designers opting for the elasticated waistband. Footwear becomes heavier to cope with the wetter weather, taking a cue from the clumpier styles that have been popular in women’s styles over the past year. Hiking or work boots are perfect for weekends.

Checks and tartans replace summer’s stripes and there are a lot of silky and shiny fabrics around, perfect as a shirt or t-shirt. Don’t go overboard – unless your interests are highly specialised, there are remarkably few occasions where head to toe Lycra, leather and latex is socially acceptable.


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