Eat on the Green’s Craig Wilson on the perfect end to a meal…

A good cheeseboard is the most civilised end to any dinner.  It’s always popular, tastes great and there’s very little effort involved.

Choose generous portions of artisan cheeses. Try a soft creamy brie or a gooey baked camembert, then add your favourite cheddar, a soft cheese, a goat’s cheese, maybe Devenick Dairy’s Badentoy Blue and add a local favourite. Another cheese to look out for and a favourite of mine is a vegan cheese from the Isle of Bute. Personally, I go for Auld Lochnagar from the Cambus O’May Cheese Company.

Look for cheeses that are suitable for vegetarians and perhaps include a vegan version. Add chutneys, relishes, dips, sweet and savoury biscuits, crackers, savoury pastries, breads, oatcakes, fresh fruit, fruitcake or even chocolate. Pair your selections with port or a fruity gin liqueur. Simple, easy and amazing.

Google some background facts about each cheese and turn it into a fun trivia quiz. The loser does the dishes!

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