Eat on the Green’s Craig Wilson encourages you to experiment

Lockdown has given us the time to be more experimental with our cooking. It has also made us think about food waste, ensuring that we use up everything we buy, making the the most out of our budgets and weekly shopping trips. 

Now’s the time to build your kitchen confidence and expand your techniques. Buy a slow cooker and transform cheaper cuts of meat or try dehydrating fruit slices. Once you’ve cooked dinner and turned the oven off, just put the slices on a tray, sprinkle with a little sugar and in the morning, you’ll have a delicious and nutritious snack.  

Use your downtime to get the kitchen properly cleaned and organised. Fill and label old jars with ingredients and spices that lurk at the back of cupboards. Keep little plastic food tubs and containers and reuse them to pop leftovers in the freezer or for meal prepping, so you always have something delicious on hand.  

Freshen up your repertoire by replacing the key ingredient of your favourite dishes, for example if you normally use beef mince for a dish, try using chicken, pork, lamb or even meat-free mince.  

Buy pots of fresh herbs and keep them going in your window sills. Fresh herbs can transform your dishes, especially when used with dried spices. Herbs and spices can elevate your cooking from bland and boring to a meal to be savoured.

Each time you shop, buy one ingredient that you’ve never used before. It doesn’t need to be expensive and might revolutionise your menu creativity!  Research recipes for these new ingredients online, but remember to taste repeatedly before you serve. Always adapt recipes to your own taste and preference! 

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