Eat on the Green’s Craig Wilson to the rescue with ideas for making more of your store cupboard supplies…

Now that we’re all being asked to limit our trips to the supermarket, trying to create something tasty from what’s in your store cupboard and freezer can be quite daunting. Try listing what you already have, as a starting point. There are online recipe sites that offer suggestions based on your ingredients.

Slow cookers are brilliant for no-fuss stews, casseroles and curries. Try tinned tomatoes, chickpeas, lentils, garlic and coconut milk as a base, then experiment with spices, tasting and adjusting as you go. Curry powder, cumin, turmeric and coriander all work. Keep it veggie or add some chicken or sausages.

Packet microwave rice makes great special fried rice. Add a little oil, chopped veg and chopped precooked meats. Season with any combinations of garlic, chilli, ginger, lime and soy and finish by stirring in an egg or two quickly. Never reheat rice dishes as food poisoning can result.

Tuna fishcakes are easy to do. Chuck together some kidney beans, chilli spices, cream cheese and frozen mash. Shape into cakes, fry off in light oil and serve with a dipping sauce.  

Remember you can freeze items such as bread, cheese and milk.  Eggs can be frozen too. Break them into a sealable container, mix but don’t whisk. If you have meat, vegetables or fruit nearing the best before date, this can be frozen, preventing waste and giving you more options. Defrost it properly and make sure it is piping hot before serving. Chop spare fresh herbs such as chill and coriander and freeze in a little water in your ice cube tray. 

I appeared on BBC Scotland’s Corner Shop Cook-Off. The series has some great recipe ideas using food from your local shop and your store cupboard.

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