Shanay Taylor has a few suggestions for effortless wardrobe updates this season…

This spring’s key looks are good news for men who aren’t keen on shopping. The silhouette is very much about relaxed looks and informal styles. Comfort is king, from oversized tailoring to baggy shirts. Looking stylish means looking like you’ve not made any effort at all. 

Start with relaxed-fit suiting that can be dressed up or down. It’ll work with an open necked classic fit shirt for the office, or teamed with a plain t-shirt and trainers for the weekend. Ties are still in the fashion wilderness for now. The goal here is to find a slouchy cut that skims, in a relatively fluid fabric. You’re aiming for Bryan Ferry louche rather than giving the impression of someone wearing his bigger brother’s suit at a job interview.

High waisted trousers and jeans are back in style this spring. Take your style inspiration from On the Waterfront era Marlon Brando, rather than Simon Cowell. Look for something that touches your belly button and no higher. They work best if you have a relatively broad chest and slim waist, giving the appearance of longer legs. The optimal length is just sitting above the heel of your shoe, so invest in alterations if needed. With high waisted styles, t-shirts and shirts are tucked in, which can help disguise a tummy. 

Chinos and loafers also find their way back into the fashion spotlight this spring after several years in the sartorial wilderness, so now’s the time to delve into the depths of your wardrobe in search of your new season’s style.

Dressing down has never been so fashionable!

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