Outstanding cosmetic & reconstructive surgery in the city

Alpha Clinic is the first Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic in the North of Scotland. The clinic opened just before lockdown and offers a wide range of procedures to improve the appearance, boost self-confidence and improve the quality of life with minimal down time. 

Alpha Clinic was founded by one of the country’s most highly qualified and skilled Plastic Surgeons. Mr Thanassi Athanassopoulos studied medicine at Oxford University and King’s College Hospital London qualifying with distinction prior to embarking on Plastic Surgery training in Scotland.  He is an acknowledged expert in cosmetic facial and breast surgery and, in particular, complex secondary revision surgery.

He is also an NHS Consultant at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Aberdeen University Medical School specialising in reconstruction of complex skin cancers of the face, and surgery for facial weakness as well as breast reconstruction. 

Mr Athanassopoulos  attained the highest research degree Oxford University offers, Doctor of Medicine, after spending an additional three years at the Stem Cell Research Laboratory at the John Radcliffe Hospital studying regenerative therapies and stem cells. As a result of this research, he received the coveted research fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and the Young Scientist award of the British Blood Transfusion Society.

He is one of very few surgeons in Scotland to have specifically trained in cosmetic surgery to a higher level following the completion of plastic surgery training. He’s known for the quality of his work and his bespoke approach which ensures that, from the initial consultation through treatment and aftercare, the focus is always on the needs and aspirations of the patient. The clinic’s aim is to build lifelong relationships with our clients and improve their quality of life.

Alpha Clinic offers a wide range of both aesthetic treatments and surgical procedures at their discrete West End premises. The clinic’s mole screening and removal service offers histology results in just three days, bringing rapid peace of mind. 

The clinic’s website offers indicative treatment pricing and is an excellent source of information, helping you make an informed decision before arranging an initial consultation. Pricing is competitive and includes high end pre- and post-treatment aftercare and follow up visits. 

Alpha Clinic’s Facial treatments are focussed on achieving natural looking improvements that boost confidence and a youthful appearance. A brow lift can dramatically improve the appearance of the eyebrows and upper eyelids providing a more refreshed youthful and relaxed look. Eyelids can be lifted, taking years off, while sagging skin in the neck, jowls and hollowed cheeks can all be reduced with a facelift restoring a youthful, revitalised look. The experienced team also offers non-surgical aesthetic treatments. 

Primary rhinoplasty is arguably the most delicate, precise plastic surgery procedure available. The small changes in smoothing contours provide facial balance, improving not only the nose, but the appearance of the entire face. Similarly, corrective ear surgery can alleviate a great deal of psychological distress. 

Breasts can be enlarged, lifted or reduced and a combination of fat transfer, augmentation and lifting can be used to counter the effects of aging and gravity. Post-operative breast reconstruction is offered to help women who have experienced cancer. Inverted nipple surgery is also available.  

Surgery procedures on the body include Tummy Tucks, Liposuction and Fat Transfer. Reconstructive surgery includes the removal of benign skin lesions, scar revision and skin cancer reconstruction of the face. 

The clinic also offers hair transplants and PRP treatments, which use platelet rich plasma therapy to accelerate healing. Scientific studies show PRP can help tissues heal more rapidly and help restore hair growth. 

Booking a consultation could be your first step to looking your best.

10 Albyn Terrace, AB10 1YP
Tel: 01224 232428

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