Get back to fabulous with a face lift or fat transfer procedure

Sometimes our faces don’t reflect the way we feel inside. The cumulative effects of sun-damage and age mean that the elastin and collagen fibres that keep our faces looking fresh start to break down and production rates slow.

Gravity does us no favours either.Our faces lose definition, particularly
along the jawline. We develop prominent nasolabial folds, our cheeks sag
and the skin becomes thinner and more translucent. Our features may settle into a discontented expression, or we start looking like our parents. Luckily, the Alpha Clinic offers facelifts and fat transfer procedures that can restore a naturally youthful appearance, boosting self-confidence
and making us feel more like ourselves. 

Facelifts aren’t the frightening procedures they once were. The incisions are concealed, the underlying skin layers tightened and loose skin removed. This elevates sagging structures, restores the jawline and tightens the skin and muscles of the neck. Your own fat is transferred and injected to improve your cheeks, lips and temples. Using your own fat gives a natural, stable result and lasts for decades. The fat is extracted from the tummy or thighs, before being treated for use, so you won’t miss it. 

The surgery takes two to six ours depending on the complexity of the operation. Some bruising and swelling occurs as a result of treatment, so most patients take two or three weeks off work afterwards to heal. It’s suitable for both men and women, with most patients being over 40. 

Facelifts are not the only way your own fat can be used to rejuvenate the appearance. Fat and the stem cells it contains can be used to improve the appearance of the face, hands and breasts. 

Facial fat transfer restores a youthful appearance by adding volume to hollowed out facial structures. The injected fat has been scientifically proven to help rejuvenate the skin, smoothing out the surface and helping to repair scars. Jaw lines can be defined and volume added to the cheeks to give the appearance of higher cheek bones.

Fat injection can increase breast size by one or two cup sizes as well as correcting shape and any asymmetry. It’s also used in breast reconstruction work after radiation treatment. 

Our hands often age more quickly than the rest of us. Here, injecting fat can reduce wrinkles, fill hollows and reduce the appearance of veins. 

In all cases, the body accepts the transferred fat as an integral part of you unlike silicone or other non-living implants. With fat transfer the fat immediately anchors to the surrounding tissues. Once it has a blood supply, the fat is extremely stable.

Alpha Clinic was founded by one of the country’s most highly qualified and skilled Plastic Surgeons. Trained in Oxford, London and Scotland, Mr Thanassi Athanassopoulos is an acknowledged expert in cosmetic facial and breast surgery and, in particular, complex secondary revision surgery.

He is also an NHS Consultant at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Aberdeen University Medical School. 

Mr Athanassopoulous is known for the quality of his work and his bespoke approach which ensures that, from the initial consultation through treatment and aftercare, the focus is always on the needs and aspirations of the patient. 

The clinic’s website offers indicative treatment pricing and is an excellent source of information, helping you make an informed decision before arranging an initial consultation. Pricing is competitive and includes
high end pre- and post-treatment aftercare and follow up visits. 

Booking a consultation could be your first step to getting back to fabulous.  

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