Wearing a suit might not be part of your work attire, but that shouldn’t quell the desire to own one.  A good suit is a wardrobe powerhouse offering surprising versatility.  So how do you choose one that’s right for you?

You’ll need to consider cut, colour and fabric, but it’s all about the fit.  Most ‘off the peg’ suits are made slightly longer, but are easily altered. Never buy a suit if the legs or sleeves are too short. Pay particular attention to the shoulders.  Get them right and you are well on your way to looking good.

Two or three button single breasted suits are the most fashionable style. The notch lapel is popular but a peak lapel creates the illusion of length to the line of the suit.  A lapel, regardless of type, should be in proportion to your body shape.  If you are broad, avoid a narrow lapel.  The shawl lapel should be reserved for dinner jackets.

Double breasted suits are making a comeback too.  The squarer cut can make you look shorter, so look for a longer body length to minimise this.  The double breasted jacket can work well with jeans or chinos.

Stick to dark blue, charcoals and dark greys.  Few people really suit black. It will wash out your complexion.  Light greys can work, but are less practical and best for spring and summer. Avoid accentuated patterns such as thick pinstripe or over checks, they can ruin the line of the suit and are less versatile when trying to dress it down.

Most suits are made from a blend of wool and manmade fibres.  This provides hard wearing and warmth with some breathability.  Stick to the wool blend,  tweeds are too heavy for summer while linens and cottons are impractical for winter wear. Keeping it simple creates greater versatility while keeping your suit timeless.

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