Watch winders have been growing in popularity at Finnies the Jeweller. If you have invested in a quality watch or perhaps don’t wear yours often, then it is an ideal option.


Winders are used to store an automatic (self-winding) mechanical watch and keep it going when the wearer isn’t using it by rotating clockwise, anti-clockwise or sometimes a mixture of the two.

They can range from a simple ‘cube’ type box for one watch, to double, triple, and multiple watch boxes which are available in a variety of styles. Some are purely winders, while others have more storage for additional watches or jewellery too.

The cost of some winders runs into the thousands, but our bestseller, the WOLF ‘cub’ winder is £125 and comes in a variety of colours. Their functionality and desirability makes winders the perfect gift.

Sheena Smith is a senior watch specialist in the watch department of Finnies the Jeweller. The family run business, based on George Street in Aberdeen, has a portfolio of 25 watch brands which range in price from under £100 to £35,000+.

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