It takes only seconds for you to know if you are attracted to someone.

Apparently anywhere between 9 seconds and 4 minutes according to scientists.

Often, our level of attraction is not influenced so much by sweet somethings our object of desire whispers into our ear, only 7% of attraction allegedly, but rather by body language (55%) and the tone and speed of their voice (38%).

Further research revealed there are three stages of love couples experience as they get to know each other. Lust, attraction and ultimately attachment. Fascinating!

Scientists, unsurprisingly perhaps, discovered our molecules, hormones and brain chemicals are central to falling in love…whether it’s with someone or this beautiful, marquise shaped diamond and platinum ring:

So next time you can’t resist a stunning piece from our jewellery collection or a passionate kiss with the love of your life, remember there’s a whole host of ‘love chemicals’ at play.

Don’t try to resist!

They’re enticing you to fall in love more deeply or take the next step in your relationship, or both!

Happy Valentines!

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