An engagement ring acknowledges that two people have committed to writing their own story together, so why shouldn’t this piece of jewellery be bespoke and personal?

At Finnies we believe a ring which symbolises a couple’s commitment should also represent their individual personalities. Our customers can either choose an item from our selection or get involved in the creative process.

While diamond remains the firm favourite and platinum the most popular choice of precious metal, we can work to select the right colour, cut, clarity and carat of stone for your ring. After this we are often able to combine all the elements and finish the ring within a few hours.

Trends may come and go, but being involved in creating your engagement ring not only adds a personal touch, but ensures that between us we create your own timeless classic.

Stewart Dawson is a jewellery and gem specialist with Finnies the Jeweller. The family run business, based on George Street in Aberdeen, sets the majority of its diamond and stone set jewellery collection in-house and also features a specialist watch department. For further information visit www.finniesjewellers.co.uk

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