With Stuart Milne of Finnies The Jeweller.

Clocks have always fascinated me. Busy lives often mean we are ‘slaves to time’ so timepieces have become very important.


Although time is all around us in the form of electronic gadgets, nothing compares to the large display on the wall, shelf or freestanding on the floor. Some tick, some chime, some have pendulums adding movement to a still room; some have history. We are fortunate to have them all at Finnies, come and see what ‘ticks’ your box.

In October time ‘falls back’, giving us that extra hour in bed. In general terms, to adjust your precious timepiece we have two recommendations:

Mechanical movements: do not adjust backwards, it is best to stop the clock/watch and wait for ‘time’ to catch up.

Battery/Quartz movements: Most will not be affected by adjusting backwards but, to be

sure, stop the movement and once more allow ‘time’ to catch up.

Regardless of the technology, if it has an automatic date feature it is unwise to make adjustments around midnight. It will be attempting to change date itself and damage may occur.

If you have any concerns about timepieces, their care, servicing or operation, we can provide expert guidance and are happy to help.


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