…with Craig Jolliffe of Finnies The Jeweller.

The importance of having jewellery professionally cleaned and checked cannot be understated. Rings are particularly important because they tend to get the hardest wear, more so if they are worn every day.


Diamonds and coloured gemstones in need of cleaning lose their lustre and vibrancy as they come into contact with every day substances ranging from hand cream and soaps to oils and paints. Add to these the type of abrasive materials which will satinise the metals holding the stones, and a treasured possession can lose more of its shine.

Other jewellery items do not suffer the same wear that rings do, but a less frequent clean and check on these too will ensure a long term pristine condition.

We consider the ‘checking’ part of the service to be proactive to help reduce the risk of losing stones from settings and identifying any other potential weaknesses of an individual piece. We cannot guarantee a problem will never arise, but many potential issues have been identified and corrected to avoid customers experiencing the disappointment of losing a stone
from a ring.

We are pleased to offer the cleaning and checking service free of charge on engagement rings bought from Finnies the Jewellers, for all other items there is a nominal charge. In the majority of cases, customers are thrilled when they receive their jewellery pieces back looking like new.

This is just one of the beauties of fine jewellery and it is very satisfying for us to see the pure joy of the owner of  a beloved ring putting it on a finger, looking as fabulous as the day it was purchased.


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