It’s here! Say hello to our fabulous new issue for August/September 2017. Now on its way throughout the North-east of Scotland!

As we drift into the end of Summer, we’re hoping for long, hazy mellow days, picnics and peace. Of course, our lives often don’t match up to our ideals. Downpours and hay fever can dampen any idea of romance!

We’re too busy at work, or rushing about, ferrying children, trying to conquer the ironing mountain, running errands and paying the bills to take a moment and work out what we want from our lives. We just keep promising ourselves, ‘Next week I’ll go to the gym, next month, I’ll sign up for a creative class, one day, I’ll take piano lessons’.

This is a great time of year to rediscover yourself and make the changes that will bring more joy and contentment into your life. Whether it’s reinstating date night with your partner, taking a day out to update your wardrobe or treat yourself to a new hairstyle or a bit of pampering, learning something new, spending some time exploring the great outdoors, getting away from it all or just enjoying yourself with a little silliness, we’re here to help.

After all, you only live once. So you might as well ignore the ironing and have some fun!

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