If you’ve decided to tone up for the coming party season and you’re hitting the gym for the first time in ages, then it’s time to sort out some new active wear.


This is especially true if your options are limited to your old hockey skirt or sky blue polyester shorts and an Aertex polo shirt.

There’s a bewildering range of choice of sportswear for all shapes and sizes and at all price points, so there’s no need for an old oversized t-shirt and unflattering leggings. Find something that makes you feel good before and after your work out. Specialist brands tend to have the newest fabric technology, but M&S have a reliable and forgiving selection, and supermarkets have good budget lines.

One of the most difficult things to find is a sports bra that fits, flatters and functions well, so shop around and get properly fitted. If you’re tall, then avoid bodysuits and cheap leggings as they will not provide a comfortable fit. Look for longer length t-shirts provide coverage even in the most ambitious yoga poses and trousers with a soft, or roll over waistband for a forgiving fit.

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