Today it’s not unusual to care about where your food and fashion is sourced.

More and more of us ask if crops are sustainable, if animals are allowed to roam free, if meat is traceable and if our clothing manufacturers treat their employees well. At Finnies, ethical sourcing is at the top of our agenda, which is why we are delighted to offer Canadian Maple Leaf Diamonds, which are mined and produced with the utmost integrity.

Diamonds were discovered in Canada in 1991, and as a country committed to environmental sustainability, the gems are mined and processed according to stringent rules on social, economic and environmental implications. Maple Leaf Diamonds are fully traceable, with each diamond being given a tracking number and certificate of origin, enabling you to learn the story of your unique piece of jewellery.

Canadian diamonds are amongst the world’s most brilliant and exquisite gems, and the vast and stunning landscape which produces these stones is protected by the mining companies which are committed to maximising the benefits from their activities to the communities in which they operate.

Indulging has never felt so good. From solitaire diamond rings, to stunning cluster rings, pendants and earrings, Maple Leaf Diamonds are a stylish option with a big heart. Visit Finnies website to browse at your leisure or pop into the shop and get ready to be dazzled.

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