It is easy to envy those women who always seem put together no matter the weather. The French seem to pull it off, but we often amass mountains of clothes we never wear.

Sometimes less is more, so building a capsule wardrobe of quality pieces could be the way forward.

The capsule wardrobe is a collection of around ten essential clothing items which never go out of fashion and can be enhanced by seasonal accessories to make the struggle of deciding what to wear non-existent. Sounds good to us!

Here’s how to do it

Choose a colour scheme. Begin with one or two base colours which will go with a lot. Navy, black, camel or grey all work well. Trousers, bags and coats should be bought in the chosen shades, becoming your staple items which can be worn all year round in various combinations. Now decide on some accent colours to add some dimension to your look, one or two brighter colours which you feel suit your complexion and personality. These could be tops, scarfs, accessories and dresses and can be in complementary patterns like spots, florals or stripes.

Evaluate your body shape. Make informed choices here, as it is crucial that these items fit well and make you feel good. You should feel so comfortable that you want to wear it all year round. Confidence is key. Seeking professional styling may be beneficial if you are unsure what would flatter your specific body shape.

Check quality and don’t be hesitant to splash out. These items should last you a while and save you money and time in the long run. Pick clothing that’s made of a durable high quality fabric which will continue to look great for several seasons.

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