You’ve found the right man, now find the right dress!

Shopping for your wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of planning your big day.  Some brides will have spent years imagining themselves walking down the aisle and know exactly what they want, whilst others won’t even know where to begin. If you’re one of the latter brides, read on for tips on finding the right dress for you.

The Appointment

Dress appointments are notoriously short. To make the most of your time, do some research in advance on styles of dresses you’d like to try.  Remember that some dresses need accessorised to see their full effect, so kick on some heels, pop on a little bling, and style your hair to see the complete look.

The Style

To get an idea of what styles you suit, look at your own day-to-day wardrobe and incorporate this into your wedding dress.  If you usually shy away from showy strapless numbers, how will you feel in a flashy A-line gown?  Keep in mind where your wedding will take place. A heavily beaded gown swathed in layers of underskirt may be too hot and heavy for a wedding abroad, whilst a boobylicious sweetheart dress might not be suitable for a formal church ceremony.

Be Body Beautiful

Like wedding dresses, brides come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important to keep your own shape in mind when dress shopping.  Some dresses need a little butt to pull it off, whilst others need a little cleavage (or none at all!). Embrace your body shape to get the right fit for you.

The Dress Fitting

Seamstresses around the world lament about brides losing weight before their big day.  Not only is this bad for your seamstress, but it’s bad for your gown. Changing your shape can completely change how a dress sits and looks. Decide before you choose your frock if you’re going to lose weight for your wedding, or you may lose the curves that your dress clings so perfectly to.

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