Summer brings with it a host of weddings and other events that call for a more formal look. So what should you wear to look good and maintain a classically elegant appearance?


You can’t go wrong with a custom made kilt outfit, which will last for decades and never go out of style, unless your middle age spread defeats your kilt maker’s abilities.


The other options are a lounge suit or a tuxedo. Somehow almost everyone looks great in a tux. Look for a luxury fabric and a well cut fit. If you’re investing in something classic, look for a slim fit and have the suit altered to fit perfectly.

It goes without saying that you should try a number of dinner suits on and take advice from someone you trust.

Black is the only option here, and you’re aiming at Cary Grant or James Bond – suave, gentlemanly, but with just a hint of danger and concealed power.


As a somewhat louche alternative, you could opt for a velvet dinner jacket. These look great in rich darker tones of midnight blue, emerald or burgundy, but need to be in a really good heavy velvet, rather than the cheap shiny version.

Again, you’re thinking Kingsman rather than Austin Powers

Lounge Suit

Lounge suits can fit the bill, provided it’s clear that you’re making more of an effort than simply showing up in your office wear.

This season, there are lots of chalky pastel suits, including some with the option of shorts.

Let’s be clear – there is no excuse for wearing shorts suits unless you are under seven and unfeasibly posh. Grown men can’t pull the look off because it brings a huge conundrum of what socks and shoes to wear.

That leads us to the subject of novelty items in formal wear. Would James Bond wear novelty socks? No.

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