This year’s florals have definitely seen a turn towards the natural look. Bridal bouquets are moving away from the tightly structured, colour co-ordinated posy and veering towards a more organic, seasonal feel. Think foraged branches and blowsy heritage blooms, interspersed with seedheads and
fruit stems, tied with twine and trailing ribbons.

Image: Sam Brill

Image: Sam Brill

Colours are staying antique blush, peach and rose, but frequently combined with jewel colours for impact, or coffee shades for extra layers. Table centres are no longer towering and identical, again the feeling is much more natural with groups of antique vases, posies and candles to echo the heritage vibe.


Kim Dalglish is an expert florist with a keen eye for current trends, why not book a workshop with your hens and learn how to tie your own bouquet!

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