Searching for soft, hydrated smooth skin? Juvéderm has launched the answer.

Juvéderm Volite® Allergan launches Juvéderm Volite® an innovative injectable treatment designed to improve skin quality for up to 9 months. Using Vycross® technology for use on the face , neck, décolletage and hands. Hyaluronic Acid gel improves skins smoothness, hydration and elasticity for up to 9 months with just one treatment. To enhance patient comfort Volite® encorporates the anaesthetic lidocaine. In a clinical trial of 131 patients, the study showed an improvement in skin quality at one, four and six months. One month after treatment 96% of patients cheeks were smoother and 91% of patients reported they were satisfied with their skin. Results were also sustained at 6 months where patients reported they saw significant improvements in skin hydration. Free consultations available with our medical team.

EDS Professional Skin Needling Smoother skin with fewer lines and wrinkles, younger, healthier looking skin, brighter, more vibrant skin. This treatment uses the industry leading, electronically powered device to control the intensity and needle length throughout the procedure to maximise the results. EDS is also considered to be a more comfortable treatment over manual needling. Professional skin needling produces thousands of micro-needle columns in the skin, which in turn stimulates the skin to naturally regenerate and repair itself. As part of this stimulation new collagen can be formed, new skin cells generated and the structure of the dermis enhanced. This natural process takes time, so it can take up to 6 weeks before you see significant results. The results are not only smoother, brighter, rejuvenated skin, but it can also lead to an improvement in the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks.

Free consultations available with our medical team.

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