It’s not often I’m able to get my friend Fiona out of bed before noon at the weekend, but when I said I was going to Fifi’s Café Bistro for Sunday brunch, she was up and briskly marching to the Rosemount establishment before I could say Eggs Benedict.

The warm boutique café is a favourite haunt of ours, and we’ve passed a number of lunches and evenings tucking into thoughtfully prepared dishes. With a menu bursting with options, including a healthy range of gluten free dishes, it’s easy to follow your stomach without feeling like you’ve overindulged. There’s even (relatively) healthy ice cream!

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It was a laidback Sunday morning crowd, with friends catching up over coffee, others poring over newspapers with a slice of cake, and some replenishing themselves after a late night on the town. And there is certainly enough to replenish yourself with. The aptly named Mellow Yellow menu is an incredible array of dishes all with yokey goodness as their showpiece. Who knew there could be so many ways to make eggs?!

I opted for the interestingly named ‘Midget Tree’ dish. What arrived was the fluffiest of eggs on a bed of asparagus tips, broccoli, crispy bacon, and nuts, drizzled with virgin oil. It was a fresh and vibrant fusion of absolute yum.

Fiona’s equally yum-inducing breakfast was a baked egg marinated in tomato sauce and chorizo with a side of lush green rocket. Washed down with an illy coffee, we were satisfyingly full, refreshed and ready to take on the rest of Sunday.

We meandered out of Fifi’s for an amiable walk through Victoria Park, but not before arming ourselves with scones and Victoria sponge for our respective husbands (or ourselves, we hadn’t decided yet). They say don’t put all your eggs in one basket, but with Fifi’s, you absolutely should.

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